USA Softball      
of San Antonio

Rainout Schedule

Rainout Hotline:
(210 )590-2272

Call this number for updates on game cancellations. 
A Final Decision will be made by 3:00 p.m. on game status.

Adult Slow Pitch
Rain out schedule from April 11, 2017
Tuesday Leagues: XRT-1, XRT-2, XET-1, ZRT-1

Rainout Schedule from March 10, 2017
Friday Leagues: XRF-1, XRF-3, XEF-1, ZRF-1, ZEF-1

Friday Leagues: ZRF-2, ZEF-2, XRF-2, XRF-4

Girls Fast Pitch
Rescheduled game from April 25, 2017
10U Blue

Rain out schedule from April 11, 2017
10U Blue & 12 & Under

Rain out schedule from March 7, 2017
12 & Under

Cancelled games from May 9, 2017
10U Blue & 12U

Cancelled games from May 10, 2017
10U Red & 14U

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